Experienced. Certified. Trained. Empathetic. Driven

The MARS Certified Remote Professional (MCRP) is a top remote professional, eager to establish her identity, prove herself, and start a new career or return to the workforce after a break.

Every MARS Partner is chosen for her unique skills and work experience. She is screened, trained and certified to handle processes for clients from top companies in India and abroad.

The MCRP process includes rigorous certification and training to ensure that she is remote-ready, technologically-savvy, and able to work from home efficiently and productively.

MARS Remote Certification & Training

MARS Remote Certification & Training is a gold standard in remote work. You can now work with companies who value remote work without having to give up all the things that are important to you

  • tick Flexibility
  • tick Family
  • tick Safety
  • tick Financial independence
Work-Life Balance

Create a better work-life balance, spend time with your kids, or earn from the comfort of your home, MARS by SHEROES is here for you.

MARS Partner

As a MARS Partner, you have access to opportunities brought exclusively for you. MCRP Certification gives you an enormous advantage in the highly-competitive world of remote and gig work. It also offers a number of enviable benefits.

Benefits of working with MARS by SHEROES


Upskill using online trainings by experts


Priority and preference of companies globally


Seen as Gold standard in remote work by companies


Exclusive access to the MARS Community events

Access to remote assignments with leading companies

Get Certified

Jump the queue and get a fantastic advantage over everyone else who is looking to work from home.

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